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This isn't our "Big Promise". This is attainable to anybody who takes fulll advantage of the same day answers to any question you have, no problem

Marketing That Can't Fail

This is our promise...  And the only way you can reach it is come to terms with the most important part of this experience... Once you get the roll marketing's supposed to serve in your busineses, you'll understand how to make every campaign a win.

Keep Your Current Marketing

This Membership Focuses On Your Marketing Message & Doesn't Require You To Learn Any System Or Strategy. Your Marketing May Change, But Your Audience's Reception Of Your Message Will Tell You If That's Necessary

Will You Really Be The Leader In Your Market?

Real talk...

This course is about fast results, but you're gonna end up with a hyper-advanced knowledge of marketing

Not because of the "Lessons" or "Guides"... 

Because you did it yourself. In The Real Market. And you did it without breaking a sweat.

Looking back, the way you currently view everything from lead gen to sales funnels will remind you of a joke you heard once about a kid from the Country.

You're gonna have full time marketing support near the level of having hired our team on your payroll. A team that's waiting to show the market how far we can take this thing and we want you to be our showcase.


You get an additional 6 months in this first round so we can spend an entire year getting you ready to "Scale" (I think you'll be surprised what that actually means...

Your competitors sure as hell will be!)

You're going to have a top or the line marketing system because your competition's marketing:

isn't centered on a revolutionary idea

doesn't have a sales messsage that makes sense

Traps Your Competition In A Linear Growth Model

And your competition, themselves, is gonna be annoyed becasue everytime they see you, they don't understand all this "Mumbo-Jumbo" you're talking about.

Look, you still have to kick ass on your end...

And we cannot make a promise that you'll hit #1

But ask yourself...

Do you think our chances at getting you to the #1 spot are better or worse than competing against us for it?

Do You Think Your Chances Of Reaching The Top Spot In Your Market Are Better If We Support You... Or Your Competitions?

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At The Core Of This Membership Are These 3 Never Before Seen Resources

Sales Messaging

Resonate With Your Audience With A Baseline Sales Message You Can Use To Create All Of Your Marketing

Phenomenal Funnels

(Comes with templates & video guidance)

Take your funnel to the next level (Or fix a broken one) without losing sales with this step-by-step process

Marketing Feedback Group

Get both an incredible discount & have your questions thoroughly addressed in the Faceook Goup.

Dave Explains Why This Course
Is Such A Hit

If I'm buying a product in an area I'm no an expert in and the sales person isn't good at what they do, I won't buy.

It's not a conscious thing. It took me a while to realize I was doing that, but it's frustrating making a decision when you're not aware of the facts and you have no reassurances!

When you take this course, your marketing's gonna do the job of a top notch sales person, everytime.

You'll have your talking points, and you'll draft them out into what we think is going to be the most logical presentation...

But then we watch.

For a long time, we watch. We tinker. We survey. We measure...

And eventually, your sales message isn't a bunch of killer soundbites and hooplah...

You have a message that astonishes. It creates doubt in the reader's mind just in time for you to mention that one benefit that nobody else has...

The one that removes all doubt and draws them in to this fascinating entrepreneur's refreshing approach... Your approach.

It raises and overcomes objections without ever putting doubt in the audience's mind.

The colors and images are dialed into the emotional state your audience needs to be in to be perfectly primed to hear your main selling point

And because your message is always exactly 1 thought ahead of the reader at all times, they feel connected to the message as if it were their own.

They read it all.

And they buy.

Either that or, if they don't buy, we pester them

Dave Lohman Presents:

(With Sky Stack & Jason Fox)

Sales Messaging Secrets:

Giving Your Business A Simpler Path To More Money

  • Fast Results

  • Sustainable Growth

  • Highly Scalable

** For Ass Kickers Only!**

This Membership Comes With Assistance Developing Your Entire Marketing Strategy & With The Long Term Support, It's Incredibly Low Risk.

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Memorable Experiences With Dave

An industry leading expertise and one of the most memorable personalities, Dave Lohman's clients, students, and peers always have something interesting to say about their time working with Dave. Press Play and enjoy :)!

Don't make the same mistake I did in waiting 3 months to see Dave; if you have any question at all in your business, go see Dave today!"

- Richard Flores (F3 Holsters)

The best part about the way Dave teaches copy... he's able to break up tension with humor, and. he can make an example in a joke that makes it much more memorable. He knows how to make it seem like you're not working all that hard when you really are. He makes it fun."

-Cole Brandr (Course Creator)

He breaks down everything in a way that makes it clear and understandable... let me tell you, he's one of the best in his field."

- Ashley Cooper (Student/Pharmacist)

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